Oasis Office Lens

Crystal clear vision from your desk to the screen

Oasis Office Lens

No more struggling trying to find the sweet-spot in your progressive lenses, the entire Oasis Office lens gives you crystal clear, sharp vision from the top of your desk to your computer screen.

Oasis Office Lenses are optimized for one task, working in front of a computer screen.  Work is hard enough, Oasis helps make it a little less hard.

A little about Oasis Office Lenses

Made while you wait.  Bring in your prescription or see our doctor.  Bring in your frame, or purchase a stylish frame from us

Our computer lenses are made from polycarbonate material to provide you lighter and thinner lenses than traditional CR-39 material

Anti-Scratch and Anti-Reflective coatings are included.  Harmful blue light blocking is also included to help prevent damage from prolonged exposure to computer screens

Receive 25% off Oasis Computer lenses when you purchase any complete pair of glasses, in your old frame or a new one.